Past Holidays

Below is a list of previous holidays that the Juniors have been on. Many of these are also links to photographs from that holiday.

2017Emmaus Centre, Scarborugh1999BB Training Centre, Kirkham
2016BB Training Centre, Kirkham1998Bendrigg Lodge, by Kendal
2015Frank Chapman Centre, Birmingham1997Whithaugh Park, Newcastleton
2014Emmaus Centre, Scarborough1996Whithaugh Park, Newcastleton
2013BB Training Centre, Kirkham1995Whithaugh Park, Newcastleton
2012BB Training Centre, Kirkham1994Whithaugh Park, Newcastleton
2011Bilberry Hill Centre, Birmingham1993BB Training Centre, Kirkham
2010Bilberry Hill Centre, Birmingham1992Glenorchy Outdoor Centre, Wirksworth
2009BB Training Centre, Kirkham1991BB Training Centre, Kirkham
2008Emmaus Centre, Scarborough1990BB Training Centre, Kirkham
2007BB Training Centre, Kirkham1989BB Training Centre, Kirkham
2006BB Training Centre, Kirkham1988Largs
2005Emmaus Centre, Scarborough1987Dunoon
2004Glenorchy Outdoor Centre, Wirksworth1986Girvan
2003BB Training Centre, Kirkham1985Girvan
2002Emmaus Centre, Scarborough1984Girvan
2001West End, North Yorkshire
2000Glenorchy Outdoor Centre, Wirksworth