Boys’ Brigade and Girl Guiding Gift Service

The Boys’ Brigade and Girl Guiding have been thinking about all the poor children and families in our area who are struggling and with Christmas fast approaching we decided to offer our hand of friendship hence the idea of a Gift Service. The Service will be held on Tuesday 5th December at 7pm in the Hartlaw buildings of the church.

All the organisations will contribute in different ways i.e. donate one nights collections, decorate and fill boxes as part of badge work and we wondered if the congregation would like to take part, we would be grateful if you could donate something from the list below.

All donations will stay in our area

We have contacted Local food Banks and Children’s First to come along to our Gift Service to receive our gifts.


Christmas crackers                             Colouring  books
Selection Boxes                                   Ribbons
Christmas cake                                    Hair clips/bobbles
Chocolates                                           Combs
Chocolate biscuits                               Brushes
Shortbread                                           Toys  0 – 12 years boys and girls
Mince Pies                                            New toys
Sweets                                                   Good second hand toys that can be passed on
Pasta sauce                                          Hats
Tinned fruit                                           Scarves
Tinned fish                                            Gloves
Shampoo                                              Nice tinned meat
Soap                                                      Tinned potatoes
Toothpaste/brushes                           Tinned veg
Colouring pens/pencils                      Tinned custard
Nappies 4,5,6                                       Tinned rice pudding
Gifts for boys and girls over 12 years

The tinned food is to ensure the families will have a Christmas dinner!!!!

This list is only a suggestion to give some ideas and on behalf of the families, we are very grateful for all donations!!!

please speak to Stewart Boyle, Rhona Boyle or Dorothy Steven if you need any further information on the above.