Company Section

Officer-In-Charge: Lt. Steven McKnight

Each Wednesday night, we fall-in to four groups for a short opening ceremony, usually conducted by the Captain (Stewart Boyle), followed by either Drill practice which is taken by Lt. Steven McKnight or Christian Faith (we don’t have a Sunday Bible Class) in which all staff and boys’ attend and it is taken by each officer in rotation, we then split into classes for the other badges – all taken by one or other of the officers. Most weeks we then practice the box or have a potted sports night. To finish the night off, there is always time for a quick game of football followed by the closing ceremony.

The uniform for the Company Section is a navy blue BB shirt, BB tie, BB belt, school trousers and school shoes. The specific BB items can be ordered from BB Supplies on 0333 320 8078 or from the BB Supplies shops (click here for shop contact details).