National Ten-Pin Bowling Championship (2003)

In 2003 we decided to take part in the Boys’ Brigade National 10-pin Bowling Championships on Saturday 11th October in Bedford near London. Unfortunately our team was knocked out in the semi-finals, this was however an excellent effort considering it was our first time competing. On sunday the 12th we took the boys who attended the competition to Thorpe Park, below are some pictures from the championship event and Thorpe Park.

Picture 001.jpgPicture 019.jpgPicture 036.jpgPicture 034.jpgPicture 033.jpgPicture 032.jpgPicture 031.jpgPicture 029.jpgPicture 028.jpgPicture 026.jpgPicture 025.jpgPicture 024.jpgPicture 023.jpgPicture 022.jpgPicture 021.jpgPicture 020.jpgPicture 018.jpgPicture 002.jpgPicture 009.jpgPicture 003.jpgPicture 004.jpgPicture 005.jpgPicture 006.jpgPicture 007.jpgPicture 008.jpgPicture 010.jpgPicture 017.jpgPicture 011.jpgPicture 012.jpgPicture 013.jpgPicture 014.jpgPicture 015.jpgPicture 016.jpgPicture 037.jpg