Officer-In-Charge: Lt. Gavin Henshelwood

Each Monday the boys meet up in their groups at the start of the night for the opening service conducted by one of the officers. After this has taken place we usually split up into four groups for achievement classes, or to practice figure marching. With the achievements out of the way we then all come back together for games (dodgy ball and cowboys & indians remain ever popular), mat work, keep fit, or potted sports. On light nights we often go outside for a run round Hartlaw Crescent. At the end of the night we sometimes play “quiet games” before going back into groups for the closing service.

The uniform for the Juniors is a royal blue BB sweatshirt and blue BB polo shirt, school trousers and school shoes. The specific BB uniform items can be ordered from BB Supplies on 0333 320 8078 or from the BB Supplies shops (click here for shop contact details).

Please remember that the Uniform is an Important part of The Boys’ Brigade and that without a uniform the boys cannot gain their Target badge.